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Train Trainings, or missing the train for fun and profit

“Yes, please Sir, you may take your train in platform 1 or 2 to Amsterdam Central.” These were the words that gave me a breath of confidence inside the Amsterdam Airport train station. Amidst many signs in the undecipherable Dutch language (insert jokes about Hebrew letters here), numbers are easy and I know these from

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Rapid Reporter still available even though server error

–> Update 2: Problem solved, site moved to new hosting! <– If you can see this message, you are already using the new server. Please let know if you spot a problem or broken link. 🙂

Lightning Talks night with EuroStar 2010 (the Rebel Alliance, a conference after the conference with beer)

I am back from EuroStar. I’ve got lots to write about EuroStar: the people, the lectures, the Test Lab, the venue. However, if my mails are any indication, the thing people are waiting most to read about is the “Rebel Alliance” night. This night, which went by many names (“Rebel Alliance”, “Oprørsalliancen”, “Danish Alliance”), was

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The effect of time. And Shana Tova UMetuka (Happy and Sweet Year)

שנה הלכה שנה באה אני כפי ארימה. שנה טובה לך, אבא, שנה טובה לך, אמא.(link) “For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne, we’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne. (link)”   Tomorrow we celebrate in Israel the New Year in the Hebrew calendar. Yes, 4 months before December

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Yay, another Happy New Testing Year! A decade in review…

This is our fourth Happy New testing Year post, after this one, this one and this one. 🙂 So, a few hours before January is over, I’ll transpose here an answer to Testing.StackExchange about the last decade on testing: Question: What are the most important software testing developments of the decade? My Answer: The question asks about the most important

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Software Testing is Funny! with Demetri Martin

One best friend of mine introduced me to Mitch Hedberg and Demetri Martin, great one-liner comedians. They are/were two funny men!! Three, actually, if you count my friend which is also funny.  After hearing the disks for over a year, not only the jokes aren’t any less funny, but I’ve started to find subliminal testing

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Exploratory Shopping – An analogy attempt

These days I went to a book fair of a well known publishing house, and found there my very own analogy for Exploratory Testing. I tell the story and analogy below for your pondering and criticism. 🙂 You know how these fairs are, I believe book fairs are similar everywhere: a loft filled with tables

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