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Stuart's introductions to Fitnesse, FitNesse Series (Part 2)

Hi. Writing the Fitnesse posts turned to be harder than I thought. I do have a bit of tests ready for the triangle case, but not enough text to make an interesting post. As I’m not using Fitnesse in my day-to-day work, it makes it harder to bring cool insights or to explore on the framework. But

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The Triangle problem as a starting point – FitNesse Series (Part 1)

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? And after all, why would any of them cross the road? That question is as old as time. How would you test a program which can return the type of a triangle based on the side widths? That question is as old as me. In 1979 (yes, I

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FitNesse Series in Testing Thoughts (Part 0)

Do you FitNesse? I’ll (as soon as I get to do a lot of things I want to get done) post some impressions and examples on FitNesse, the cool tool for cool testers. What I plan to do: Install and set a FitNesse setup; Make a simple standard easy program – the System Under Test! Start

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