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FitNesse Series in Testing Thoughts (Part 0)

Do you FitNesse?

I’ll (as soon as I get to do a lot of things I want to get done) post some impressions and examples on FitNesse, the cool tool for cool testers.

What I plan to do:

  1. Install and set a FitNesse setup;
  2. Make a simple standard easy program – the System Under Test!
  3. Start testing and making the program better with FitNesse.
  4. And 🙂 all this, with screenshot goodness!

When will that be?

  • Ouch. 🙁 It may take a long time. Let’s talk about this again on July…

Meanwhile: “FitNesse is designed to support acceptance testing rather than unit testing in that it facilitates detailed readable description of system function”. More information can be read in FitNesse’s website.

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  1. Hi Stuart, must’ve missed your comment earlier.

    It is nice to see people from outside reading and commenting :), I don’t publicise this blog enough (at all).

    I’ve seen your blog on working-thought. Very interesting developments there. As I did not pursue (meanwhile) the series of enlightening posts on Fitnesse, I’ll make a post linking to your blog. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for sharing your knowledge online.

  2. We just started grappling with fitnesse too.

    little bit of learning curve with it, but its good.

    Please do post about how you get on.


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