FitNesse Series in Testing Thoughts (Part 0)

Do you FitNesse?

I’ll (as soon as I get to do a lot of things I want to get done) post some impressions and examples on FitNesse, the cool tool for cool testers.

What I plan to do:

  1. Install and set a FitNesse setup;
  2. Make a simple standard easy program – the System Under Test!
  3. Start testing and making the program better with FitNesse.
  4. And :) all this, with screenshot goodness!

When will that be?

  • Ouch. :( It may take a long time. Let’s talk about this again on July…

Meanwhile: “FitNesse is designed to support acceptance testing rather than unit testing in that it facilitates detailed readable description of system function”. More information can be read in FitNesse’s website.

0 thoughts on “FitNesse Series in Testing Thoughts (Part 0)”

  1. Hi Stuart, must’ve missed your comment earlier.

    It is nice to see people from outside reading and commenting :), I don’t publicise this blog enough (at all).

    I’ve seen your blog on working-thought. Very interesting developments there. As I did not pursue (meanwhile) the series of enlightening posts on Fitnesse, I’ll make a post linking to your blog. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for sharing your knowledge online.

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