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BOtT: Smile, your data is gone!

As most words, “quality” has a lot of different meanings to different people. I guess “Customer Satisfaction” has a lot of different meanings too. A couple of months ago I tried to access a site (now I don’t even remember which it was) and was greeted by the note below:

BotT: Linus' bug, youtube no workee!

Hi everybody! The last BotT (Bug of this time) was long ago, when we talked about testing and the Excel bug. So now we’ve got a cool one, on which the most notable point is not the bug, is the submitter :). Bug 439858 on Fedora (a Linux distribution) was (supposedly) submitted by Linus Torvalds himself.

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BotT: Excel 2007 has algebra difficulties…

Do you use MS Office 2007? Well, then you probably noticed that Excel multiplies “850 x 77.1” as “100,000” instead of “65,535”. Uh, you didn’t notice? Well neither did I until I read it all over the internet. See the post on SlashDot for scoop, and see its comments for some good laughs. 🙂 There

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He Who Can Not Be Tested

Well… No, you won’t get this prize either. Read the previous BotT (about a bug in the lottery software) in order to be in the mood for this one. This BotT tells a story. A story about a car dealership that had the great idea of mailing thousands of scratch-off games to promote their business.

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BotT: No multi-million dollar prize for you. Again.

On our BooT of this time, a silly and expensive bug. Do you play lottery? Did you ever win? No?? Well, maybe the reason of you not being yet a millionaire may be a nasty bug in your favorite lottery system…

BotT: Ctrl+Enter on Firefox

The Bug of this Time! For simplicity’s sake, let’s abbreviate, and wherever you see BotT, you know that’s Shmuel’s “Bug of this Time“. I picked a bug from the FireFox BugZilla database (BugZilla is a (free) (opensource) (reliable) tool for tracking bugs). The bug is Bug 233853 –, Ctrl+Enter goes to This bug

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Bug of This Time!

One of the sections I want to have in this blog, is a list of cool bugs and a review on the bug report. I’ll take a bug report out of some bugzilla list, like the Mozilla or the OpenOffice, explain the bug and review the bug description. My aim is to learn cool techniques

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