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Should/Need Testers know how to Program (a Testing Question from Brazil)

There’s a very active Brazilian software testing discussion mailing list in Portuguese, called DFTestes. When I say “very active”, I mean an average of 215 messages/month in 2009, and January 2010 has got more than 404 messages. Compared with other mailing list I participate, this is the most active one, and a tip of hat

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In August, a rewrite of July's uTest post (and maybe official feedback)

Hi. Instead of a new post, I revisited and modified last month’s post, About youTesting with uTest. It has now more content, and still has a discussion of pay-per-bug models. The initial opinions are still there. While the pay-per-bug model presented by uTest is certainly innovative and interesting; the model still misses a lot. It will certainly

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About youTesting with uTest

(Note: This post,originally from July, was re-written in August. Only format/wording changes, with additions to make it clearer) This is an interesting topic: I’ve been involved lately in many conversations about uTest, or more specifically about its model. uTest is a website where companies can post their software, along with some guidelines on focus areas,

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