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About youTesting with uTest

(Note: This post,originally from July, was re-written in August. Only format/wording changes, with additions to make it clearer) This is an interesting topic: I’ve been involved lately in many conversations about uTest, or more specifically about its model. uTest is a website where companies can post their software, along with some guidelines on focus areas,

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BOtT: Smile, your data is gone!

As most words, “quality” has a lot of different meanings to different people. I guess “Customer Satisfaction” has a lot of different meanings too. A couple of months ago I tried to access a site (now I don’t even remember which it was) and was greeted by the note below:

Exploratory Shopping – An analogy attempt

These days I went to a book fair of a well known publishing house, and found there my very own analogy for Exploratory Testing. I tell the story and analogy below for your pondering and criticism. 🙂 You know how these fairs are, I believe book fairs are similar everywhere: a loft filled with tables

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Read the bugs

Eric Sink is very well known in the software development community. I would say he’s a legend, but he says he’s not one. He writes books, software, and gives interviews about the craft and business of software. Not only that, but (not surprisingly) he’s also got a blog. Two months ago he wrote that reading

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Job Description

I was reading a job position offering these days for a “QA engineer“. There was the usual mumbo jumbo of the required traits (“BSC in computer science or equivalent“, “Worked directly with R&D department“) and advantage points (“General knowledge of at least one mainstream (programming) language“), and one of the requirements lines said “Testing methodologies:

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Testing Insights – The Graphing Calculator

I’ve recently heard The Graphing Calculator Story, a ~54:00 min long Google Tech video on YouTube. On it, Ron Avitzur tells the story of the development of his (and Greg’s) Graphing Calculator, an impressive mathematical software that shipped with Mac computers for years. What’s special about the story? Well, he did it at Apple, but

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BotT: Linus' bug, youtube no workee!

Hi everybody! The last BotT (Bug of this time) was long ago, when we talked about testing and the Excel bug. So now we’ve got a cool one, on which the most notable point is not the bug, is the submitter :). Bug 439858 on Fedora (a Linux distribution) was (supposedly) submitted by Linus Torvalds himself.

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