In August, a rewrite of July's uTest post (and maybe official feedback)

Hi. Instead of a new post, I revisited and modified last month’s post, About youTesting with uTest. It has now more content, and still has a discussion of pay-per-bug models. The initial opinions are still there. While the pay-per-bug model presented by uTest is certainly innovative and interesting; the model still misses a lot. It will certainly

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About youTesting with uTest

(Note: This post,originally from July, was re-written in August. Only format/wording changes, with additions to make it clearer) This is an interesting topic: I’ve been involved lately in many conversations about uTest, or more specifically about its model. uTest is a website where companies can post their software, along with some guidelines on focus areas,

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BOtT: Smile, your data is gone!

As most words, “quality” has a lot of different meanings to different people. I guess “Customer Satisfaction” has a lot of different meanings too. A couple of months ago I tried to access a site (now I don’t even remember which it was) and was greeted by the note below:

Exploratory Shopping – An analogy attempt

These days I went to a book fair of a well known publishing house, and found there my very own analogy for Exploratory Testing. I tell the story and analogy below for your pondering and criticism. 🙂 You know how these fairs are, I believe book fairs are similar everywhere: a loft filled with tables

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Read the bugs

Eric Sink is very well known in the software development community. I would say he’s a legend, but he says he’s not one. He writes books, software, and gives interviews about the craft and business of software. Not only that, but (not surprisingly) he’s also got a blog. Two months ago he wrote that reading

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Job Description

I was reading a job position offering these days for a “QA engineer“. There was the usual mumbo jumbo of the required traits (“BSC in computer science or equivalent“, “Worked directly with R&D department“) and advantage points (“General knowledge of at least one mainstream (programming) language“), and one of the requirements lines said “Testing methodologies:

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On certified testers and being certifiable, and on non native english speakers :)

I like the SQE. SQE brings columns by Michael Bolton almost monthly on the Better Magazine. They also arrange the nice STAR conferences (hadn’t the opportunity to participate yet, but I will eventually) and store a large number of articles online of all testing flavors. Today morning I was greeted by an Email from SQE: The subject read

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