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He Who Can Not Be Tested

Well… No, you won’t get this prize either.
Read the previous BotT (about a bug in the lottery software) in order to be in the mood for this one.

This BotT tells a story. A story about a car dealership that had the great idea of mailing thousands of scratch-off games to promote their business. What they did not know is that, by mistake, all of the 50000 cards had a winning notice behind the scratch-off layer. Instead of having to pay a US$1.000 prize, they soon discovered that they had to pay US$50.000.000!!
Go to this link to read the story, or at least to see the videos of the angry customers that came to demand their US$1.000: Koat News link.

I am not pointing a finger at any culprit, it is clear that it was a big confusion. And although it is an interesting story, the point that I want to emphasize is: How do you test a system that can not be executed?

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All might be free!


If you are an avid reader, and read the first post of this blog, you know that this blog is was password protected.

Since last week, the page is accessible to all, and may be read by everyone. As of now, no other page on the net links to Testing Thoughts, so it will be a calm place for a while. Read the rest of this entry »