Instead of a new post, I revisited and modified last month’s post, About youTesting with uTest.
It has now more content, and still has a discussion of pay-per-bug models.

The initial opinions are still there. While the pay-per-bug model presented by uTest is certainly innovative and interesting; the model still misses a lot. It will certainly be center of discussion many times in many circuits :).

To some extent, trying to get quality assessment and counseling from isolated bugs from isolated testers is like getting medical advice from many different isolated doctors without them examining you personally even once.
But, to the other extent, bug reports do consist an important tool for quality evaluation and direction assessment. And well formed groups can benefit from the yet another list of bugs received, as long as they don’t confuse them with complete product testing.


In one of my discussions of the matter with friends, I was encouraged to ask the people working in uTest what they think of these points and how do they and the companies solve the apparent drawbacks.
It is a great idea, as they seem to be very forthcoming and they do have a lot of experience in software development and quality. The CEO, Mr Doron Reuveni, tweets and sports and seems approachable. Not many companies have such accessible CEOs, and I’ll try my luck with him. If he replies and answers our questions, it will be very cool, and I’ll add the info to the uTest posts here.