Writing the Fitnesse posts turned to be harder than I thought.
I do have a bit of tests ready for the triangle case, but not enough text to make an interesting post. As I’m not using Fitnesse in my day-to-day work, it makes it harder to bring cool insights or to explore on the framework.

But I just discovered someone who not only uses Fitnesse at work, but also writes articles about Fitnesse that give the Fitnese feeling:

Stuart writes at http://working-thought.blogspot.com/.
It seems as if his company has been trying Fitnesse for a while, and they’re over the initial pains. Now they’re on more advanced pains :), but with apparently good results.

If you ‘ve already seen the Two Minute Example at the Fitnesse page, then you know what Fitnesse if used for.
Then start reading from “Fitnesse for Dummies” at Stuart’s blog (and laugh at the ilarious GenericFixture.jar error page). There are further posts later, like the very insightful love/hate relationship with Fitnesse.


As for me, the post I liked most was the one about test automations, that has nothing to do with Fitnesse, but explains well many of the web-app testing tasks.

I wish luck to Stuart, and who knows? Maybe I’ll get back at posting about Fitnesse somewhen. 🙂