In this year I held a session on the “SIGiST Israel” conference.
It was a one hour lecture introducing advanced techniques, with examples of software testing through Fault Injection (with HEAT tools) and through Fuzz (variety of free tools). This month I received the average grade from the feedback sheets: 97/100!
Of course, I’m happy with the results. 🙂 Thanks to all who attended and asked questions.

It is possible that I’ll post here a transcript or some text about this lecture. One option may be to add my comments from the lecture as notes in the powerpoint slides and post the slides here. But I don’t like powerpoint much as it does a poor job of passing information (it takes the written word and limits it into bad format and structure).
Finding the time, I’ll write the lecture in extense text.

In order to keep this post still useful, here goes a short summary of the talk:

How to break softwareFault Injection: I base everything I say on the book “How to break software” by James Whittaker. The examples were done using Canned HEAT version 3. Canned HEAT is a good tool (with many bugs :)) which comes free with the book.

Fuzz: The tools used on the examples were:
GUIFuzz: A custom dumb fuzzer based on the original fuzzer which can be found here.
FileFuzz: from iDefense Labs.
Driver fuzzer: Built with the Peach Fuzzing Framework.

All the tools and frameworks are free for commercial use as well.